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Project Log #3: Endings & Rejection

Asking for what I want has become the theme this week. Asking and not hiding it and not fearing a possible rejection. Rejection is an important part of life, it’s the primary tool used in editing.

When you edit a piece, you reject the unessential and focus and sometimes expand on the essential. Life, I am beginning to suspect, operates under similar rules.

Last week I have finished the prewriting for the novella expanding the San Frantasy story. If all goes to plan, by the time that this article is posted, I should be about a week into writing. That is very exciting.

I’ve been trying to have one day a week where I can play pretend at being a full time writer. It helps me keep the energy flowing. I did one on Memorial day and it energized me through the week. If that isn’t a sign that I should continue to pursue writing full time, I don’t know what is.

The podcast has also ended by the time this is published. I learned a lot from this season, primarily these lessons:

  • I am more capable than I could ever imagine
  • People like my writing
  • I like podcasting and I should keep doing it
  • I need more writer friends

I might also try doing a more focused season and tell a single story, or a collection of shared-universe stories next season. I am not entirely sure, but I really do like that idea. Maybe that has some more legs than trying to get people to submit multiple stories and have a ton of different stories. It also gives the podcast a fun spin.

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