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Project Log #2: Using Character to Build Plot

As I’ve continued to read Make a Scene by Jordan Rosenfeld, I’ve been developing my San Frantasy story into a novella. I really like the characters and the world, but the problem I’ve been running into is crafting a compelling narrative.  I had something really interesting, a murder mystery for the characters to solve, but […]

Project Log

Project Log #1

This is the first of a series of logs I am going to make about the development of a long-form project I am working on: A Paul Bunyan musical. I’ve written plenty of stuff for stage before, and a few songs, but never anything like a musical. I’ve actually tried to write this particular musical […]

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The Big Question

I finally figured out what this blog is all about.  I had been approaching this as a way for me to record my great artistic oeuvres and to cement my place in history as a Great Thinker™. What a bore! This is to be a record of my artistic process. The process is what matters […]