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May Day!

It was only weeks ago that I learned that May Day was the original day International Worker’s Day. It started being recognized as such in Chicago after the Haymarket massacre, another fact I only learned a few weeks ago. 

Educating myself on socialism has necessitated learning not only the theories behind it but the history and art that came from various socialist movements and the cultures behind them. It makes me wonder what art we will see as more people in America are encountering socialism really for the first time in a generation or more. 

In any case, I am looking forward to incorporating socialist themes into my own work. I am not exactly sure how that would look, and for sure I am needing to do more research and to read more. 

But, reading is not enough if you want to change the world. You have to be willing to work to change it. What my contribution is, I haven’t a clue, but I can only hope that my work can help make a change. 

Recently I also have been forced to reexamine the things that I devote my time and energy to. I had started to take on one too many projects and I needed to be sure I was continuing to prioritize my major goals and projects without leading myself to burnout and extra stress. There is quite enough of that going on right now, thank you very much. 

The creative process is a continual balance. Work and rest, reflect and manifest, the mundane and the fantastic. One thing that I must continually try to balance is a sense of not having enough time to get anything done. 

That’s the real downside of having anxiety and depression while being an artist. You feel simultaneously like you should have been done yesterday and like you can’t even get up to get a glass of water. 

Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with that wombo-combo recently. I’ve been able to help fight burnout by rotating what I do creatively each day. Or at least trying to do more than just writing. I think you need an artistic outlet that is low-stress and low-stakes. A hobby-craft to help let creativity in through a different path. 

I recently finished the painting above and I definitely want to play with tape and contrasting colors in future pieces. 

In other news, the podcast is coming along and it should be out in a couple of weeks!

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